How UKG is building the foundation for pay equity

Establishing pay equity requires building a foundation based on equity of opportunity for all, and this starts with looking across the employee journey lifecycle and leaning into all the moments that matter. Attempts to close pay gaps and address systemic inequality in the workplace will continue to fail if companies and leaders are not continuously assessing the employee journey experience as an ever-evolving ecosystem of equities. By creating equity of opportunity throughout the employee journey, pay equity will ultimately become a more successful outcome.

UKG has made equity of opportunity a priority, both for itself and the wider business community. But how does a company move from strong words to meaningful action?

In this session, UKG’s chief people officer will break down the tactics and tools that inclusive leaders are using to create a workplace that provides equity of opportunity for all.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to examine the employee journey lifecycle in connection to opportunity
  • Guidance on how to use technology in the employee journey to create equitable experiences.
  • Tips for scaling pay equity programs to a global workforce
  • How this work is a constantly evolving ecosystem and how to check for unconscious biases.