Using proximity to drive deeper and more impactful leadership behavior

Leaders often approach DEIB strategies through attracting more diverse talent, driving fair and equitable hiring practices, and mitigating bias. While these are all crucial parts of a long-term DEIB strategy, a key component that can drive deeper and more impactful leadership behavior is missing: proximity.

Leaders are instrumental in driving workplace culture and must take responsibility for creating collaborative and creative spaces where people across the full spectrum of diversity can drive transformation and innovation. Developing the mindset, skillset and toolset for getting proximate to difference and creating inclusive cultures is a leadership superpower for leaders at all levels.

Hear from Cisco’s senior director of inclusion & collaboration as he shares how his company’s proximity initiative helps leaders drive a conscious and inclusive culture. When leaders develop the ability to get proximate, they leverage empathy, curiosity and authenticity and integrate them into their leadership skill set.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • What proximity is and how it’s leveraged to develop leaders
  • From leaders who have been impacted by the experience
  • Best practices through case studies to introduce proximity in their organization
Journey to Great Webinar - December 12