A conversation with Great Place To Work & leaders at Plante Moran

Change is never easy. Whether your organization is scaling up, facing economic pressures, or integrating new team members, the challenges of change can hinder even your best efforts to maintain a positive employee experience. 

In this informative session, Plante Moran’s experience will provide a real-world example of how to navigate a leadership transition effectively. You’ll learn the specific actions the company took to build trust, communicate openly, and support employee well-being. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • The importance of culture during change Discover the critical role a well-defined company culture plays in easing transitions and maintaining employee morale.
  • Building trust with employees: Learn effective communication strategies and techniques for fostering trust during periods of change.
  • Supporting employee well-being: Gain practical tips for implementing support systems to address employee anxieties during a leadership transition.
  • Actionable strategies: Come away with actionable steps and best practices you can implement in your own organization.

Watch the webinar to learn more!