How to Cultivate Great Leaders and Great Culture

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Gain insight from Thomas Ogilvie, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and Fadzlun Sapandi, DHL Express.

DHL Express is not only a worldwide leader in logistics — they model what it means to be an employer of choice. DHL Express is Certified™ in 85 countries, appears on the Best Workplaces™ List in 53 countries, and occupies the No. 1 spot on our World’s Best Workplaces™ List for 2022. These accomplishments are all the more remarkable when you consider that they support 111,000 team members from diverse cultural backgrounds and lived experiences.

In this discussion from the 2022 Great Place To Work® For All Summit™, two of the company’s top human resources leaders — Thomas Ogilvie, board member for human resources and labor director, and Fadzlun Sapandi, EVP global human resources — sat down with Great Place to Work CEO Michael C. Bush to share their wisdom on culture-building and talent development.

In this video:
  • How DHL approaches preparing supervisors to lead people
  • How DHL supported employees in Ukraine and Russia after war broke out
  • Why DHL Express puts their people at the center of all they do
  • How DHL creates a culture of openness, innovation, and mutual respect for all employees