"We use the Great Place To Work Emprising platform to survey 30,000+ team members around the world. We like that regardless of your skill level, it's easy to use, it interfaces with our platforms, and we can slice it and dice the data any way we need to."

Pam Meiners, Senior Director, Recognition Hilton

"Data matters. It matters to our company and to our leaders. Emprising lets us tell a culture story with data so we can help everyone in the organization understand where we are as a company, where we want to be and the role we all play in getting there. "

Perri Mathews, Manager, Culture Transformation and Change Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina

"Working with Great Place To Work provides a common language and platform. So regardless of where you work, whether in the United States or Turkey or Germany, if I’m speaking Brazilian Portuguese or Hindi, it doesn’t matter - we have one common goal."

Pam Meiners, Senior Director, Recognition Hilton