your culture with your business.

Rapid growth brings new people, locations and change. Great Place to Work® helps you preserve what makes your culture great while you grow.
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Fast growth companies that fail within 10 years 1

$600 Million

Lost in mergers with cultural mismatches 2

6-9 months

Salary cost to replace a qualified employee 3  

"Great Place to Work allows us to take something fluid, like culture, and make it data-based and measurable. It is easier for me to have conversations about culture with employees when I can point to the data."

Samantha Ros, Director of Trust and Engagement


"Our leaders use data every day in their jobs to make decisions about everything from marketing investment to product development. It makes sense to give them access to the robust data we now have to inform their people decisions."

Katelyn Gendron, Great Place to Work Pro


"The fact that our employees only had to spend 15 minutes on the Trust Index survey is great for startups like ours that move quickly. The fact that so many employees participated is a testament to the ease of the Certification process."

Cristina Martin, Marketing Manager


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Scale smart. Manage your culture transformation with Emprising™.

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  • Emprising™ measures how well your culture is supporting employees through change.
  • See which teams are on track and which need help right now.
  • Measure 75+ markers of innovation, growth readiness and manager effectiveness with one survey.
  • Leverage custom and pulse surveys to monitor trends over time.
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