Driving Unconscious Bias Out of Our Culture

Auguste Goldman, Chief People Officer
Monica Bailey, Vice President of People Ops

Wed., May 24, 2017 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Auguste & Monica

We’re in the midst of a pivotal time, where building an inclusive, high-trust culture is a competitive advantage and is at the top of minds of practically every senior leader and HR practitioner. GoDaddy has openly published their salary parity data for the past two consecutive years to increase transparency in the industry and within their own company.

Wanting to do more than just share their numbers, they knew that beneath those numbers lived their ability to improve experiences their employees have at GoDaddy. The key to this work was their partnership with Stanford’s Clayman Institute. Through unprecedented access to their company, the Clayman Institute was able to help understand that bias embeds itself in people processes and the trick is to try to block bias so their people processes are consistent and fair for all. Mainly, they focused on streamlining a more gender neutral set of behavioral criteria and they also launched a promotion pilot so that no employees were forgotten simply because they didn’t ask for a promotion.

Join Auguste Goldman, Chief People Officer and Monica Bailey, Vice President of People Ops, to learn about GoDaddy's work blocking unconscious bias from the performance and promotion processes to help employees have equal access to career advancement. They'll share key learnings and the outcome of their work, helping to create a Great Place to Work For All.

Three key learning objectives:

  • Typical ways unconscious bias shows up in the people processes and workplace culture
  • Outcomes from the unconscious bias work and takeaways that were implemented at GoDaddy
  • Learn how to develop key processes that will allow employees to have equal access to career development