Emotionally-Intelligent Leadership: 3 Key Practices

Michelle Kinder, Executive Director, Momentous Institute


Thur., May 25, 2017 from 8:45am – 9:45am

Michelle Kinder, Executive Director, Momentous Institute

Emotional tone is contagious and leaders and managers are ‘patient zero’. Emotional Intelligence involves: the capacity to manage emotions; being aware of oneself and one’s impact; reading other people accurately and with empathy; and building healthy relationships - all of which, when nurtured, create optimal conditions to motivate strong performance across an organization.

Momentous Institute is a 97-year-old Dallas non-profit devoted to helping children and families develop strong social emotional health. This commitment to social emotional health extends beyond families served to staff, leadership and board. In the same manner that strong emotional intelligence prepares kids to achieve their full potential, being aware of and developing emotional intelligence as leaders and managers allows organizations to achieve new heights.

Leaders’ behaviors and attitudes can affect change on all levels including customer-facing employees. Setting the tone for how colleagues and clients experience the organization is a chief function of strong leadership and creates a positive culture that results in a Great Place to Work For All. When leaders and managers in an organization are developing their own emotional intelligence, they pave the way for an all-inclusive culture that people can’t wait to come to work to everyday.

Join this session to learn how the expression of emotional health at the leadership level is an important precursor to positive systemic change and sustainable growth throughout the organization. Michelle Kinder, executive director of Momentous Institute and Licensed Professional Counselor, will unpack three core practices that will help leaders and managers set tone and create a space where all employees thrive.

Three Key Learning Objectives

  • Why nurturing and prioritizing the emotional health of leaders and managers will create a positive all-inclusive culture throughout the organization.
  • How the brain gets hijacked in times of stress and causes us to respond in ways that undermine a positive culture.
  • Three specific tools to build and strengthen emotional intelligence and positive culture for leaders and managers at all levels of the organization.