Experiences, Not Ladders: How Organizations Need to Think About the Career Aspirations of Today’s Employee

Thur., May 25, 2017 from 8:45am – 9:45am


Ashley Goldsmith headshot FINAL

Ashley Goldsmith, Chief People Officer 


Greg Pryor, VP of Leadership & Organization Effectiveness

We are in the midst of an evolution happening across the job and work landscape. More and more employees are no longer following a traditional career path with the intent to “move up the ladder” in a specific field. Instead, they are increasingly seeking optionality and the opportunity to gain experiences that broaden their perspective and expand their skillsets.


While companies today are also evolving and beginning to seek out employees with a mix of skills, they are still challenged to effectively identify, attract, and engage this new type of talent. Organizations that can successfully crack the code will better position themselves to win in today’s dynamic business environment and create a culture that people want to be part of.


In this session, Workday’s Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith will share insight into specific programs and initiatives Workday has implemented to attract and engage employees who desire this new career approach. Attendees will learn about Workday’s experiences navigating this uncharted territory and walk away learning how to more effectively shift the high-trust, talent mindset to create a great workplace for all.


Three key learning objectives:


  • Understand how to effectively engage your internal talent base that is seeking more career optionality and a variety of experiences.
  • Determine how to shift your recruiting strategy to more effectively tap into the evolving external talent pool..
  • Gain insight into programs that will help managers embrace their role in providing employees with the career experiences they want.