Keeping your Culture Intact through Rapid Growth & Change

Arden Hoffman, VP of People


Thur., May 25, 2017 from 8:45am – 9:45am

Arden Hoffman

Each phase of a company’s life requires a different strategic approach. What worked when a company was small doesn’t necessarily work when a company grows and matures in terms of keeping employees happy, informed, and feeling like not only do they belong, but they are also in a place that fosters career growth. All of this boils down to company culture. Culture is the spice that sets a company apart from the rest, but how do you keep it alive and thriving while the environment changes and a company goes through different growth phases?

Drawing on experience from building programs and advising companies ranging in size and industries from Dropbox to Google and Goldman Sachs, Arden Hoffman, VP of People, will discuss how to help leaders drive behavioral change and share best practices for not only surviving, but also thriving during bursts of growth and times of change.

At Dropbox, Arden has experienced several of the company’s growth stages. Each one has carried certain challenges, and from each, the leadership team has learned lessons that enabled the company to move more quickly, address conflict more mindfully, and ultimately build a strong, cohesive leadership team that is the solid foundation for a company navigating change.

In this session, participants will gain insights into different approaches that drive a company forward, learn how to build a Great Place to Work for All, and feel more prepared to provide counsel to your leadership team. Arden will deep dive into processes that tell a comprehensive story around organizational health, and how to improve your toolbox to keep morale up, empower senior leaders to see the full picture and guide the company through change.

Three key learning objectives:

  • Gain insights into different approaches that drive a company forward through people and talent strategies
  • Learn how to build and maintain a Great Place to Work for All while your company grows and experiences change
  • Feel more prepared to provide counsel to your leaders; compelling them to invest in and propel your company’s culture