Failure: A Driver Towards Success
Viyas Sundaram, Chief Revenue Officer

Thur., May 25, 2017 from 1:45pm – 2:45pm

Viyas Sundaram, Chief Revenue Officer

Steve Jobs... Albert Einstein... Michael Jordan… What do all of these highly accomplished individuals have in common? They failed. And failed hard. Jobs was very open about getting fired from Apple; yes, the company he helped co-found. Einstein was once expelled from school. And Jordan didn’t make the cut for the Varsity basketball team in high school.

Great success often stems from tremendous failure. In fact, 90 percent of business startups fail. So why is it so hard to admit failure? For one, it’s in our brain chemistry. It’s true; psychologists argue that as humans, we’re inclined to think we’re always right. Admitting the contrary makes us feel vulnerable and insecure - like we’ve done something wrong. And as leaders, we do not want people to question our legitimacy or confidence.

However, this mindset could not be further from the truth on how to be successful. Admitting you are wrong establishes trust and respect and shows your team that like them, you are only human. Success is only possible with failure, and we need to learn how to embrace our shortcomings so we can learn from them and do better the next time.

Join Viyas Sundaram, Chief Revenue Officer of Snagajob, "America’s #1 marketplace for hourly work", as he shares his personal story of failure and success. His message will help empower attendees to accept failure and see it as part of their culture journey.

Three key learning objectives:

  • The importance of understanding your shortcomings and insecurities that can actually help lead you to success.
  • Why transparency is key and how communicating with your team and tackling failures head-on legitimizes your leadership and gains trust.
  • Why integrity is binary and crucial to the success of an organization.