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Viyas Sundaram
Chief Revenue Officer, Snagajob
logo Viyas Sundaram, Chief Revenue Officer, Snagajob

Sundaram oversees the introduction of Snagajob's growing portfolio of employer-facing products to the hourly employment marketplace.

Prior to joining Snagajob, Sundaram was senior vice president of Sales for mindSHIFT Technologies, where he led the company's growth strategy and facilitated mindSHIFT's emergence as the largest managed/cloud services provider for SMBs in the country. Sundaram helped navigate mindSHIFT's acquisition by Best Buy in 2011 and subsequent acquisition by Ricoh in 2014. Sundaram also served as managing partner for Hat Trick, LLC, a hospitality holding corporation, where he was responsible for all operational and financial duties from 2001 to 2002. In 1996, Sundaram co-founded Virtex Networks, a services provider acquired by Leapfrog Services in 2001, where as chief executive officer he was responsible for the operational and revenue growth of a managed service provider that focuses on providing small to midsize firms with a Fortune 500 outsourcing IT solution at an affordable price.

Sundaram received his bachelor's degree from Emory University and holds an MBA from the University of Maryland. His first hourly job was as a floor sales representative at a men's clothing store.