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Independence Community College

Independence Community College

Updated November 2021.


Employees say this is a great place to work

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Independence Community College is a student and community-centered two (2) year educational institution that serves the best interests of students and the community by providing academic excellence while promoting cultural enrichment and economic development. At ICC, we work to help our students realize a college education as a transformative experience in their personal and professional life. The goal of the ICC strategic plan is to reinforce ICC’s mission by enhancing learning environments, strengthening existing programs, and creating new initiatives so ICC can better support and serve our students, our community, and our state.


161 U.S.-based Employees


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Company Culture at Independence Community College

The employee experience below at Independence Community College, compared to a typical company.

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74% of employees at Independence Community College say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

  • Independence Community College
  • 74%
  • Typical Company
  • 57%
I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary.
My work has special meaning: this is not "just a job."
When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride.
I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.
I feel I make a difference here.

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See what employees say about what makes Independence Community College a great workplace. These words are drawn from employee comments on the Trust Index™ survey.

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