Sky Castle Studios, LLC

Sky Castle Studios, LLC

Updated March 2023.


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Sky Castle Studios LLC is the development studio behind Hero Forge®. Hero Forge® was created to give tabletop gamers a better way to design and order custom miniatures. As an in-browser character creator in full 3D, with a genre-spanning library of thousands of parts our tools are meant to empower creativity. Using high-end 3D printing, Hero Forge® turns pixels on-screen into physical 30mm scale tabletop miniatures. With gamers at the forefront of our minds, Hero Forge® offers STL model files of your designs for at home 3D printing as well as 3D Digital Miniatures for virtual tabletop applications.



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100% of employees at Sky Castle Studios, LLC say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

  • Sky Castle Studios, LLC
  • 100%
  • Typical Company
  • 57%
Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.
Management is honest and ethical in its business practices.
I am given the resources and equipment to do my job.
Management recognizes honest mistakes as part of doing business.
We celebrate people who try new and better ways of doing things, regardless of the outcome.

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