3 Unique Company Vacation Policies

 3 Unique Company Vacation Policies

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As work becomes all-encompassing, many companies are recognizing the importance of vacation and encouraging employees to spend time without worrying about work. Get inspiration from some of the vacation policies of Certified great workplaces.

At REI, an outdoor apparel retailer, they believe an outdoor life is a life well-lived. Time off at REI matches company values and employees' passions.

Several programs at REI are designed to get their employees outside. One is REI Yay Days. Every one of their 12,000+ employees gets one paid day off every six months to go outside and get inspired exploring the outdoors. No strings attached.

Hhiking Yosemite, snowshoeing in the Porcupine Mountains, taking a wilderness survival class or birdwatching. The sky’s the limit at REI. And they’re often getting outside together. At their distribution center in Sumner, Wash., a “small but fierce” group of employees spent their first Yay Day in March volunteering with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

Seven in ten employees took a Yay Day last year. Hundreds of comments and photos of their experiences were shared via #REIYayDay.

At mobile commerce platform, Button employees have unlimited vacation, personal time and sick days. Managers encourage employees to escape the city for the mountains, beach or special place with a $500 stipend. Plus an additional $500 for spouse/dependents to encourage family travel.

When Edmunds executives realized that employees were so committed to work that they created a feeling of “all work and no play," Edmunds started TripCa$h.

Employees get a $500 annual subsidy for vacation adventures. The only requirements are that employees must vacation on a day that they would have been otherwise working. And they must submit a photo of themselves on the vacation.

TripCa$h has taken employees, their families and friends glacier climbing in Norway, doing acro-yoga at the Eiffel Tower, and touring Temples in Bali. Sharing trip photos on the TripCa$h wall in their office “brings the team closer together.”

Time away from work is essential. That’s what EKS&H LLLP believes. Which is why employees rave about their 11-month year.

Folks can enjoy additional time off, beyond paid time/holidays. Employees “buy this time” by trading some compensation. And they can use it whatever they wish.

Employees can take up to 4 weeks off. It can be a day at a time, like taking every Friday off during summer. About 60% of employees take advantage of this perk each year. Fostering a healthier work-life balance.

What is your workplace doing to take care of employees’ work-life balance? Get insight and advice on your employee experience with Great Place To Work survey and Certification.

Claire Hastwell