9 Ways to Boost Your Employer Brand

 9 Ways to Boost Your Employer Brand

Employer Brand Recruiting

Seventy-four percent of recruiters believe hiring will get more competitive this year, according to a Recruiter Nation Study. Sixty-seven percent say their biggest hiring challenge is the lack of high-quality candidates.

The companies that attract the best talent are the ones with strong employer brands. Aka how you’re viewed as an employer and make it known to the world.

How you communicate your company culture is key to your recruitment process. Here are nine simple ways to develop a strong employer brand.

1. Get third-party validation

You probably read online reviews before booking a hotel. In the same way, third-party validation has become a prerequisite for job hunters.

Every year, thousands of companies get Great Place To Work-Certified™. It’s a seal of approval on your workplace culture. In fact, 27% of recent candidate placements at Wonolo mentioned Great Place To Work Certification.

2. Put your values front and center

Eighty-six percent of millennials would consider a pay cut to work at a company whose mission and values align with their own. If more employees want purpose over paychecks, your culture should reflect that.

From core business to charitable programs, think about your social impact. Share your values on your website in a way that is more “show” than “tell.”

3. Make culture shareable

The best job referrals come from employees' friends and family. Create opportunities at work that employees will want to share. Plan a unique team activity or give back to the community. Naturally, people will want to talk about their new terrarium or how they helped refugees in Greece (true story).

4. Find ways to stand out

What makes your company unique? Do you award staff who find time from work to volunteer? Do you offer generous paid paternity leave? What makes your workplace different will get people talking about you.

5. RSVP “yes” on Certification Nation™ Day

Every name on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list is Great Place To Work-Certified. This means they can be part of Certification Nation Day on October 22. It’s our virtual celebration of great workplaces!

By joining the social media conversation on the day, Certified companies can "rub shoulders" with the 100 Best. That’s a powerful brand association. You’ll also expand the reach of your company across the country. Join the conversation with #GPTWcertified.

6. Be visible in the community

A strong employer brand is visible in the surrounding community and lives its values. A great example is Salesforce, a company that values diversity and inclusion. In 2019, Salesforce employees marched in 25 pride celebrations across the world. Showing its people, and the greater community, what it believes in.

7. Make millennials happy

Millennials are powerful recruiters and brand ambassadors. Our recent study found that millennials at Best Workplaces are 149x more likely to recommend their company. And by 2025, millennials will be 75% of the global workforce. Understand what makes millennials tick and the word-of-mouth will flow.

8. Hire for diversity

Who you hire say a lot about who you are and what you stand for. A diverse staff sends the message that you value different experiences and viewpoints.

9. Use rich media to tell your story

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. And social media is a powerful medium for visual storytelling.

Get willing employees in front of the camera and capture your culture. It doesn’t have to be super polished. Candid shots filmed on a smartphone are authentic and honest. And they show the world your informal side. Share these assets on your website, job sites and social media.

Just because you have a respected consumer brand doesn't mean your company is percieved as a great place to work.  Think about how you position your organization in the minds of prospective employees. It will be your best recruitment strategy. Learn more about Certification today.


Claire Hastwell