How Intuit Builds Awareness and Belonging With Annual Trans+ Summit

 How Intuit Builds Awareness and Belonging With Annual Trans+ Summit


Here’s how the global financial tech company, No. 23 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® List, is breaking down barriers for transgender and nonbinary employees.

Transgender and nonbinary employees have a harder time finding acceptance at work than other LGBTQ+ employees.

Almost half (44%) of adults in the U.S. say there is little or no societal acceptance of transgender people, according to Pew Research. In a survey of over 27,000 trans people in the United States, 27% said they were denied employment, promotion, or even fired because of their gender identity. One in 10 respondents reported being verbally harassed, physically attacked, or sexually assaulted at work.

Employers can make a big difference for these employees, even with small steps like asking all employees to share their pronouns. Some companies are taking extra steps to improve benefits and offer financial support for transitioning employees through health care plans.

At Intuit, efforts to educate employees about trans and nonbinary experiences in the workplace have developed into an event called the Trans+ Summit — an event now open to the public.

“What began as an employee-led event in 2020 to bring awareness to our trans employees’ experiences has evolved into a comprehensive program that now includes non-binary employees as well,” says Cecilia Persson-Ramos, DEI employee resource group leader at Intuit.

At the 2024 event, programming offered discussion on how to navigate transitioning in the workplace, perspectives around parenting, and promoting well-being for oneself and loved ones. There were also conversations focused on Gen Z and Alpha talent — populations with higher rates of people identifying as nonbinary or transgender — and how to build a workplace that attracted the best young talent.

“By regularly checking in with our trans and non-binary colleagues, we can make any necessary changes to ensure that they feel valued and supported in their work,” Persson-Ramos says.

Tips for building inclusion

How can your organization create a more welcoming environment for transgender and nonbinary employees in 2024 and beyond? Intuit and Persson-Ramos shared three tips:

1. Use a variety of channels to connect

Gatherings can be small and intimate, such as small in-person meetings, or large all-hands events like a Pride Month celebration. Don’t neglect digital tools like a dedicated Slack channel, Persson-Ramos adds.

“We understand that feeling safe doesn’t look the same for everyone, so provide a range of options,” she says.

This is when your employee resource groups (ERGs) can play a vital role. “Organizations must equip leaders to better support their ERG members where they are,” she says.

2. Normalize using inclusive language that acknowledges and respects all genders

“Senior leaders role modeling inclusive language speaks volumes,” Persson-Ramos says.

Resources like GLAAD can help guide language guides and policies.

“Leaders should have clear guidelines around what’s expected so that everyone feels safe in virtual and physical spaces and [they should] promote mental health and well-being tools to employees organization-wide,” Persson-Ramos says.

3. Consider your impact beyond the four walls of your workplace

With it’s Trans+ Summit, Intuit has found an opportunity to engage both employees and external audiences.

“We’re proud to share our programming with the public because we believe that sharing best practices with other companies and individuals is an important step toward creating a more supportive and inclusive world,” Persson-Ramos says. “By investing in events like these, Intuit continues to lead the way in creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered.”

For companies who want to create a better world for their employees, it’s a reminder that people don’t just spend their lives at work. Many factors play a role in helping employees live productive, healthy lives that drive value for businesses.

Some of those factors are outside of an employer’s control, but the Best Workplaces™ are increasingly considering the impact they can have beyond just the workplace.

“Creating an inclusive workplace is a journey rather than a destination, and Intuit is committed to continually learning, growing, and improving our practices to better support all of our employees,” Persson-Ramos says.

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