Introducing our New Podcast Series "Better"

 Introducing our New Podcast Series "Better"

Diversity & Inclusion

Many attendees of the 2019 Great Place To Work For All Summit witnessed the birth of a new corporate baby during the event in San Francisco. Chief Content Office, Christopher Tkaczyk, used the gathering of 1,200 culture leaders from around the world to launch Great Place To Work's podcast series, Better.

The first episode, now available online, features Michael C. Bush, the CEO of Great Place To Work. The podcast covers how he came to become CEO four years ago and why he believes so strongly in the mission of the company. You'll also learn why he craves a donut every morning at 9:20 and how 'For All' came to be. 

Finally, he shares his secret to career success, which he wished he learned earlier in his life; Always choose the way you're being treated and the way others are being treated as the way to decide where you're going to work. Choose culture first because that's how you can become your true self.

Katie Van Geffen