Why Belonging Is So Important

 Why Belonging Is So Important

Diversity & Inclusion Millennials in the Workplace

At the 2019 Great Place To Work for All Summit in San Francisco, Christopher Tkaczyk, Chief Content Officer at Great Place To Work, sat down with Gale King from Nationwide Insurance for a chat about organizational culture and why belonging is so important. 

Gale has been with Nationwide for 35 years and attributes her tenure to the simple fact that she feels like she matters at the company. Her first role was in the claims department and now, 18 jobs and almost 4 decades later, she has the title of Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. 

Under Gale’s leadership the company has racked up an impressive amount of awards and distinctions including:

During the podcast, Christoper and Gale talk about how she has been successful engaging millennials, how she recognizes a job well done, why she eats in the cafeteria and why she’s learning to look up. Listen now and enjoy.

Katie Van Geffen