Job Seekers Are 15X More Likely To Choose Certified Great Workplaces

 Job Seekers Are 15X More Likely To Choose Certified Great Workplaces


How Great Place To Work Certified companies outpace the average U.S. workplace 

Are you feeling the heat in today’s competitive job market? You’re not alone. Attracting and retaining top talent is becoming a tougher puzzle to solve. But what if I told you there’s a secret ingredient that could make your company stand out to job seekers? 

Enter Great Place To Work® Certification™. Our recent national study revealed a game-changing insight: Job seekers are overwhelmingly more likely to choose a company that’s been certified as a great workplace by its own employees.

In our 2023 study, we captured sentiments from over 4,400 employees from typical U.S. workplaces. This was part of a larger three-year market survey. We asked respondents a straightforward question: “Would knowing a workplace has been certified as a great place to work by its own employees make you more likely to want to work there?”

The results were clear: People were 15 times more likely to choose a company knowing it was certified by employees as a great workplace. 

That’s three out of four U.S. job seekers who said they’re more likely to choose a company that is Great Place To Work Certified™.

This is good news for Certified companies looking to recruit talent away from competitors, as employees are expressing less interest in leaving their jobs than they were in 2022. In fact, there’s been a 25% year-over-year decrease in employees who are undecided about whether to look for a new job, and a 26% increase in workers who say they plan to stay where they are.

In other words, the competition for top talent has heated up significantly, and employers need to stand out in the job market. Great Place To Work Certification tells job seekers that a company has a proven track record of providing a positive work environment, validated by current employees and unbiased, third-party assessments. 

The role of trust in great workplaces

Before we explore the impact of trust on workplace dynamics, let’s talk about the importance of trust in earning Great Place To Work Certification. Our model is built on the belief that trust is the foundation of a great workplace. 

It’s what we look for when we assess companies for Certification. We use our Trust Index™ Survey to measure how much employees trust their leaders, feel respected, and enjoy their workplace culture.

Our research has shown that trust doesn’t just make a nice place to work; it drives real business success. When employees trust their company, they’re more engaged, productive, and likely to stick around. 

That’s why companies that earn our Certification are places where trust is strong, and as a result, they outperform their competitors.

But don’t just take our word for it; the numbers speak for themselves. In our same national employee survey conducted in 2023, we reached out to over 4,400 employees from a variety of industries and backgrounds. They shared their experiences on everything from trust and pride to innovation and fairness at work. 

When we compared their responses to those from Great Place To Work Certified companies, the disparities were obvious. Certified workplaces consistently outshine the national averages, proving that trust isn't just a feel-good factor—it redefines success for companies.

How companies Certified by Great Place To Work eclipse the typical workplace

Our research shows that Certified (aka high-trust) companies can boast about having better bosses, fairer paths to promotions, and higher employee engagement, with more employees reporting that they look forward to coming to work.

They are also far more successful at retaining, engaging, and fostering adaptability among employees than at the average workplace:

  • 39% more employees say they intend to stay at the organization
  • 37% more employees say they can adapt to changes in the business
  • 48% more employees say they’re willing to go above and beyond

Certification has become a national benchmark of positive company culture. At least 65% of a company’s employees must say it’s a great workplace—that’s nearly seven out of every 10 people, at minimum.  At the average U.S. workplace, just 50% of employees look forward to coming to work. 

Oof. And that’s not all. 

As much as 55% of U.S. workers think their managers play favorites, and almost half report politicking and unfair promotion practices in their workplaces.

But Great Place To Work Certified companies soar past their competitors on every one of these metrics.

Companies that create trust-based workplaces shift the landscape. They make places where employees really want to be, leading to businesses that flourish as a result.

Certified great workplaces pay and promote their people fairly 

Employees at great workplaces say they often or always felt practices at their workplaces were fair. At Certified great workplaces, employees are:

  • 89% more likely to earn a fair share of the company’s profits 
  • 57% more likely to have a fair shot at promotion 

Employer brands that stand out from the crowd 

Certified great workplaces retain and attract more talent. They live their employer brands from the inside out and inspire better employee engagement.

  • Employee referrals – 86% of employees say they would recommend their company to others
  • Employee retention – 85% of employees say they want to stay for a long time

Certified great workplaces are full of supportive, passionate coworkers 

If you’re job seeker, there are a lot of reasons why it’s better working at a Certified great workplace:

  • 79% less likely to have a boss who plays favorites 
  • 67% more likely to look forward to coming to work
  • 57% more employees say there’s no politicking and backstabbing in their workplaces
  • 50% more likely to work in a psychologically and emotionally healthy environment

“I have no complaints about my team. We work together well, bounce ideas off of each other, embrace our differences, and are more like a family than just coworkers. My managers have so much to teach me and are more than happy to spend their time and train me. If I have questions or make a mistake, there’s no judgment. They take the time to explain and make sure that I feel confident in myself and what I’m doing. Every person on my team is approachable and friendly, which is what I value most out of a company. It’s unique to find a workspace where you get along so well with all of your team members." – Employee at Houston First Corporation

Great workplaces offer more opportunities

Employees want more than just a paycheck. They want to be given the chance to grow and develop, while not having to neglect their personal life for the sake of work. At Certified great workplaces, employees are:

  • 46% more likely to receive special and unique benefits 
  • 36% more likely to be offered training and professional development 
  • 33% more likely to receive work-life balance support  

Great workplaces provide a sense of purpose and pride

Our research into top employee retention strategies has shown that more than anything else, purpose and pride are the two biggest factors that determine whether an employee will stay with an organization. Employees are: 

  • 2.7x more likely to stay when they feel a sense of purpose
  • 2.2x times more likely to stay when they feel a sense of pride

When leaders inspire employees to feel proud of what they do and to find meaning behind it, they have a happier and more motivated workforce. At Certified great workplaces, employees are:

  • 53% more likely to experience a sense of purpose at work
  • 25% more likely to feel a sense of pride at what their team has accomplished

“I often find myself sharing the DHL way with others who are complaining about their workplace. Especially in areas of engagement, corporate social responsibility, and constantly looking forward/innovating. Our CEOs … deliver tough messages when we need to be aware. Not in a doom and gloom way, but in a positive, pull-us-all-together way. As a company, we have a consistent strategy, and we talk about it often and relate it to what’s actually happening in the business. We are really good at constantly improving. Just writing this makes me really proud to be a long-term DHL'er.” –Employee at DHL Express 

Hearing it straight from the source: Culture through employee voices 

For job seekers and HR managers alike, choosing a Great Place To Work Certification is a smart decision that leads to improved job satisfaction, stronger employee engagement, and a lasting positive work environment. By prioritizing workplace certification, job seekers can increase their chances of finding a great boss, while HR managers can leverage this certification to attract and retain the best talent in their industry.

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Claire Hastwell