For All Leadership with James D. White, Board Chair, The Honest Company | Moderated by Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor, Fortune

"Achieving true DEIB involves a new approach to everything from recruiting to giving assignments to determining what makes someone a cultural fit. It generally takes several years of intentional change. It means applying analytics as rigorously as in every other aspect of the business. And it requires leaders who are fully committed to creating a diverse, anti-racist culture at every level of the organization.

Drawing from his experience as an executive, a board member, a CEO coach, and an adviser for leaders who have taken on and nailed transformative change, join us for a conversation with James D. White, author of Anti-Racist Leadership: How to Transform Corporate Culture in a Race-Conscious World. His book outlines seven critical steps that leaders need to follow-through on to make transformative change – from listening to and learning from colleagues across the organization; enlisting senior executives to the cause; auditing the culture; documenting what’s already being done to foster diversity and inclusion; establishing benchmarks for measuring progress; building “action learning teams” to spearhead the effort; and developing and communicating an action plan. As businesses rebound from pandemic-related disruptions, leaders have a brief window in which to reimagine how they approach the workforce. Building diverse companies by design means creating great workplaces—for all."