In Conversation with Synchrony’s Brian Doubles, President & CEO, Synchrony | Moderated by Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor, Fortune

"Companies that listen and act on employee feedback enjoy stronger cultures, more engaged teams, better retention and greater business outcomes! In this conversation Brian Doubles, President and CEO of top 25 Great Place To Work Company Synchrony, will share insights, stories and actionable advice from the company’s journey to take its award-winning culture and people programs to the next level, amidst a rapidly changing talent environment.

Synchrony has built a culture and a workplace that’s powered by (and for) people. From reimagining what flexibility and choice mean for today’s employees and delivering new well-being programs that meet the needs of a global workforce to doubling down on what it means to invest in delivering meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion progress. Throughout its 90-year history, and especially these last two years, Synchrony has prioritized the well-being of its employees, applying Agile methodologies to innovate new ways of working and decision-making.

Join Brian, in discussion with Fortune’s Ellen McGirt, as he sheds light on the secret to Synchrony’s success and why nine out of 10 employees report they are cared for, they receive unique and special benefits, can balance their work and personal lives, and would strongly recommend it to others as a great place to work: Synchrony’s unwavering commitment to empowering his workforce with a voice and ability to build a company that works for all."