Parental Guidance: How To Create A Great Workplace For Parents

Best Workplaces Parents at work

It’s not your grandfather’s, or your mother’s, workplace anymore. The needs of working parents have changed, and leading organizations are addressing those shifts in ways that help moms and dads at work as well as business results. A few of the changes: millennial fathers are seeking to play a more active role with their kids; fertility options and benefits are becoming more complex; and moms seeking to return to work need support to break through subtle barriers and reach their full potential.

This video session shares Great Place To Work’s latest research into how to create a great workplace for parents, and to hear from organizations that are leading the way. The conversation is lead by two Great Place To Work experts: Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Vice President of Best Workplaces List Research, and Chandni Kazi, Data Scientist. They will be joined by companies that will share stories of building a parent-friendly workplace. The guest speakers are Terri Cooper, Chief Inclusion Officer at Deloitte, and Corey Drushal, Marketing Manager at Total Quality Logistics. Both organizations earned places on the 2019 Best Workplaces for Parents list.

In this video session you will learn how the needs of parent employees are changing over time, and what that means for programs and leadership. You will also learn why strong employment benefits are necessary--but not sufficient--to create a great experience for parents today. You will also learn best practices and lessons learned from best workplaces for parents to help you improve both the parent experienec at your organization and your business results. 

This video is 58 minutes long and includes an engaged Q&A session with the panelists for the last 20 minutes.