April 30th: CEO Conversation with KPMG's Paul Knopp and Darren H. Burton

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This year marks the 14th consecutive year KPMG has celebrated its status among the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®. And despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, KPMG’s employee experience scores climbed to new heights thanks to specific leadership behaviors and meaningful employee programs.

As business travel collapsed and social distancing replaced client site visits, KPMG’s 33,000 employees and partners in the U.S., pivoted to 100% remote work and client care. As 2020 progressed and created additional social and economic challenges, KPMG’s leaders channeled the firm’s purpose, values and culture to support them through the crisis.

Most striking about KPMG’s culture is how employees from groups most impacted by the pandemic, including women and parents, praised KPMG during this time: 88% of women at KPMG say it’s a great place to work, just 1 percentage point shy of how many men say the same (89%). And working parents scored the firm better this year on leadership qualities, compared to pre-pandemic times.

It is remarkable that women, working parents, and the majority of KPMG’s employees reported having an exceptional experience at KPMG when the tensions of 2020 were stacked against them. So, how did KPMG do it?

In this session, you will learn how KPMG:

  • Maintained equity in the way its people experienced the firm
  • Supported its working parents and kept them engaged in a year when America was hit by a caregiving crisis
  • Is accelerating its efforts to achieve its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging vision