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Workers for organizations that made the PEOPLE Companies That Care® List for 2022 share their experience at work.

Even as the economy is cooling, the labor market remains hot. Data from McKinsey shows 40% of workers are considering leaving their jobs — and workers who feel undervalued are looking to change organizations or even industries.

So, how do organizations show care for their workers? What is the appropriate display of empathy that will have an impact on employees?

Organizations on the PEOPLE Companies That Care® list for 2022 invested in employee well-being, pushed for equitable and inclusive work environments, and helped workers give back to their community. When companies are able to recognize and celebrate the unique contributions of the individual, workers are more likely to go above and beyond for the organization.

Great Place To Work® produced the 2022 list by analyzing more than 1 million survey responses and grading company-provided data around initiatives to improve employee experience and invest in the wider community. To be considered for the list, companies must be Great Place To Work Certified™ and have at least 10 employees.

Finalists for this year’s list were asked to submit employee videos highlighting the ways workers feel cared for — a chance to hear from employees in their own words.

Several key themes emerged from the more than 70 videos submitted, including:

  • Investment in well-being
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging
  • Dedication to local communities

Here’s what workers had to say:


For employees at grocery retail chain Wegman’s (No. 4 on the list) a commitment to employees’ health and well-being made a big difference, particularly during an ongoing pandemic.

Andrew Berry, service and merchandising area manager for a Wegman’s store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, says his employer’s support and care might have saved his life:

Workers also appreciate how flexible work allows them to lead more balanced lives, prioritizing time with family and friends while still having a big impact at work.

Murillo Soranso, senior facilitator at HubSpot (No. 41), says his employer’s hybrid work model is “game changing”:

In industries like health care, where employee well-being has been challenged by a seemingly endless pandemic and increased fears for workplace safety, efforts to support wellness have taken on new meaning.

For Charisse Jimenez, manager of learning solutions at Texas Health Resources (No. 31), the ability to help physicians fight burnout was incredibly meaningful:

Diversity, equity & inclusion

For Bright Horizons (No. 18) showing care includes being willing to engage on diversity, equity & inclusion. While many companies pride themselves on creating a welcoming environment for all employees, Bright Horizons also promises to challenge workers to have the tough conversations.

Jamie Kirkland, director of diversity, equity & inclusion at Bright Horizons, explains why facing problems and issues, and having tough conversations is one way the organization shows it cares:

For women in the workplace, feeling free to be their full selves at work was essential to why they feel valued.

For Jeanette Tolar, tax partner with Plante Moran (No. 61), a sense of family showed that the organization was invested in her success:

Being able to bring the full self to work is also something that matters deeply to LGBTQ+ employees and allies. For Travis Estes, director of primary care operations with Texas Health Resources, helping an employee through their gender transition was meaningful:

Community engagement

Employees also treasured the opportunities to give back to their communities.

Bobbi Davis, vice president of workforce transformation at Synchrony (No. 23) shares her pride in the organization’s ability to create opportunities for disadvantaged groups to develop essential job skills — and perhaps a foothold in the technology industry.

Great leaders know the difference that investing in the community makes. Warren Pierson, co-chief investment officer with Baird (No. 48), shares how the company thinks about improving its hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Showing care can take many forms, but employees always know if the care is genuine. When employees feel cared for, they put their trust in the organization. It’s that trusting relationship that leads to the business results every organization hopes for, and a workforce that is grateful to play its part.

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