Cadence Moves Up the World’s Best Workplaces™ List

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Moving up a spot on this year’s World’s Best Workplaces™ list, Cadence continues to drive innovation for all. Hear from President and incoming CEO Anirudh Devgan on how it’s the employees at Cadence that make it one of the best companies in the world.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Making their sixth appearance on our list this year and at number 17, it's Cadence. Also a winner on 12 of our National Best Workplace lists around the world. Leading the charge to solve technology's toughest challenges, employees at Cadence are innovating for the biggest, most groundbreaking companies around the globe. Cadence is an organization of passionate, bold, and creative people who come to work each day to create a global impact.

Speaker 1 (00:30):

While headquartered in San Jose, California, United States, Cadence is in over 21 countries around the world, with an impressive 26 global research and development centers. The motto at cadence is One Cadence, One Team, and employees are living this every day, with 91% of employees saying Cadence is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work, exceeding the global benchmark by 8%. And 86% of employees saying everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition, outperforming the global benchmark by 5%.

Speaker 1 (01:12):

Now, let's hear from the employees themselves on why they love working at Cadence.

Emannuelle Amouriaux (01:18):

My role brings to me a relationship with so many different customers, getting so many different challenges. Each customer makes you think differently, brings you new ideas, shows you a new environment, new story, new solutions to find.

Madhuparna Datta (01:32):

For me, the best thing at Cadence is the wonderful cross-geographical team that you get to work with. On a daily basis, I interact with colleagues across Europe, India, and the US, and there are several opportunities to discuss complicated issues and come up with innovative solutions.

Guillaume Foix (01:49):

I know I can count on every Cadence member. We are like a big family helping each other.

Anirudh Devgan (01:58):

Congratulations to the Cadence Team on being recognized by Great Place To Work and Fortune as one of world's best workplaces. Your commitment to customer success, innovation, your partners in communities, and to each other, have led to outstanding results, even in these difficult times.

Anirudh Devgan (02:24):

As a company, it's important to cultivate this One Cadence, One Team culture and give opportunities to everyone to unleash their full potential. The feedback we receive from the Great Place To Work surveys is critical to how we craft these opportunities for our employees.

Anirudh Devgan (02:46):

We look forward to partnering further with Great Place To Work on their great transformation initiative to increase diversity and inclusion in our community.

Anirudh Devgan (02:58):

Thank you again. I want to congratulate you for this outstanding achievement and for continuing to deliver great results to our customers, shareholders, and our partners. Thank you.