Hilton Continues to Make the World a Better Place Through Hospitality

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President & CEO Chris Nassetta thanks Hilton’s amazing employees all over the world for their dedication and determination through another difficult year of working through the Covid-19 pandemic. Earning the #3 spot on this year’s World’s Best Workplaces™ list, Hilton has remained strong in their list spot even as hospitality as an industry was on of the hardest hit.

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And coming in at number three is Hilton. For more than a century, Hilton has been guided by its founding purpose: to make the world a better place through hospitality. And although the hospitality industry has had its fair share of challenges this year, Hilton employees were committed more than ever to this purpose, thus excelling and creating memorable experiences for their guests. They inspired their fellow colleagues when things were difficult, helping to drive the company forward and positively impact their communities. And their survey results this year more than validated that purpose and drive, with 92% of employees saying their customers would rate the service they deliver as excellent, exceeding the global benchmark of 86%. And 84% of employees would agree that management involved people in the decisions that affect their jobs or work environment, once again outperforming the global benchmark of 78%. They also secured a spot on 21 national best workplaces lists around the world. What an impressive achievement!

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Now, let's see and hear from the employees themselves.

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Christopher J. Nassetta (01:36):

I have always said that our team members are the heart and soul of Hilton. Despite a year of many ups and downs, I am so proud of the way we've leaned on our extraordinary culture. We've led with hospitality and purpose and stayed true to our values. Our Hilton family has accomplished so much together this year, from launching new programs to recognize and support each other, making progress on creating a truly inclusive workplace to driving our business through what has been an unbelievably difficult time and into recovery and so much more. But being named one of the world's best workplaces for the sixth consecutive time is truly one of the greatest honors.

Christopher J. Nassetta (02:20):

Our founder said it over a century ago: "Hospitality is a force for good." No matter what comes our way, we are committed to creating the best, most inclusive home away from home for all, and this recognition proves that we're continuing to build a workplace where that goal is a reality. Thank you to Great Place To Work for your partnership. Congratulations to the other companies being honored. And most of all, thank you to our team members. Hilton hospitality wouldn't be what it is without you.