October 30th: CEO Conversation with DHL Express' John Pearson & Regine Buettner

Best Workplaces Diversity & Inclusion

During our conversation you will hear how DHL Express, the most global company in the world, creates one of the world's best workplace cultures. 

Learn How:

  • DHL Express leapt into action in February to make huge, unprecedented innovations to protect over 100,000 employees from COVID-19 while they continued to delight millions of customers during the pandemic
  • DHL Express uses an award-winning CIS program to onboard employees in every corner of the world to deliver excellence.
  • Senior executives personally celebrate employees in 200 countries with "DHL's Got Heart", the largest employee-involved philanthropic program in the world.
  • DHL Express has strengthened their high trust, For All™ culture by surveying over 28,000 employees in 16 languages across 37 countries since March.
  • DHL Express' people strategy helped them deliver solid financial results in this year of unprecedented challenges.