Work In Progress: What Mergers & Acquisitions Look Like During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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IT services firm Collaborative Solutions has had to solve one more problem than most organizations in 2020. 

All companies have wrestled with the pandemic, the economic downturn and the racial reckoning. In addition to those challenges, Reston, Va.-based Collaborative Solutions was acquired in June by Cognizant, a much larger provider of technology consulting services. 

Merging companies and cultures is notoriously difficult, even in the best of times. How would Collaborative Solutions—a winner of numerous Best Workplaces™—manage this transition at a time when the vast majority of its employees were working at home? 

Watch this episode of Work in Progress to see how "Collabies" made the merger work, and how the organization supported employees as they navigated the broader stresses of life amid COVID-19. 

Bonnie Dowler, Chief People Officer at Collaborative Solutions, shares insights, including how the company rose year-over-year in our Best Small & Medium Workplaces™ list, ranking for five straight years—to take the #1 spot in the medium category this year. 

And we hear from Matt Thornton a Senior Engagement Manager, who shares a poignant tale of leaders having his back during a scary time. 

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