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See the Large List. The Best Workplaces in Retail ranking is based entirely upon feedback from more than 23,000 employees at Great Place to Work–Certified companies in the Retail sector who completed our Trust Index© Employee Survey. Employees answered questions about how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace, which include management’s honesty and ethics, camaraderie among employees, and fair and respectful treatment and clear expectations from management. Results from the survey are highly reliable, having a 95% confidence level and a margin of error of 5% or less. The total score for each company is based entirely upon this employee feedback. The companies with the highest employee ratings compared with organizations of the same size were selected for the list.

Small & Medium Companies


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. Room & Board

Golden Valley, Minnesota

4. Pro Athlete, Inc.

Kansas City, Missouri

5. JM Bullion

Dallas, Texas

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