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21 Ways to Celebrate Your Best Workplace Status

21 Ways to Celebrate Your Best Workplace Status

Taking the time to celebrate your workplace wins with employees is important. Your employees took the time to respond to the survey and share their feelings, in addition to bringing their best selves to work each day, and they deserve to feel part of the 'win'. Whether you’re commemorating receiving Great Place to Work Certification or announcing your new status as a Best Workplace, it’s a great opportunity to pause and allow your whole team take pride in the workplace you have built together.

Over the years, we’ve compiled a list of the different ways companies on our Best Workplace lists have shared the good news with their team. To help inspire your own celebration, we wanted to share some of our favorites.

  1. Start from the top. To ensure your employees know that workplace culture is one of the highest priorities at the company, encourage your CEO to send an email or a video announcement to celebrate the exciting news and explain why it's such a huge accomplishment. Discuss what it means for recruiting, retention and business. Don’t forget to thank employees for making the company a great workplace. (Other C-suite leaders can and should also reach out to their divisions directly.) 

  2. Surprise and delight. Celebrate employees as they enter the office on the day of the announcement. Display signs outside the office celebrating the win and ask your top leaders to greet and thank employees at the door. You could even roll out a red carpet and create a step-and-repeat for the occasion. Hire a photographer to take photos and send them to your 'Culture Rockstar' employees.

  3. Celebrate managers. Ensure your managers know the difference they make in the lives of your employees. Texas Health Resources held a pinning ceremony in which the leadership team presented a commemorative pin to each leader. Create a gift or special recognition that fits your unique culture.

  4. Get social with #GPTW and #GPTWCertified. Tell the world about your big win and what makes your company amazing! Create great social media content announcing your Certification or list wins, and encourage employees to share the news with friends and family. Make it easy for them by pulling together come celebratory photos and posts that they can share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

  5. Update your company profiles. Ensure that your company boilerplate and all your company profiles (ie Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook) mention that you are Certified and/or a Best Workplace!

  6. Get old-school social. Host a happy hour, throw a party or provide free lunch for employees. Now is the time to gather everyone together and celebrate! CHG Healthcare marked 10 years of recognition by bringing together all their people for a thank-you from their CEO along with games where they could win prizes by spinning the wheel of good fortune, rolling giant dice, and playing Plinko. "We always love having the whole company together, especially when we get to celebrate something as important as recognition for our strong culture.”

  7. Let them eat cake. Order a cake, cupcakes, or cookies and decorate them with your Great Place to Work Certification badge or Best Workplace list logo. We’ve seen it all and they always look delicious.

  8. Decorate the office. Hang banners in your headquarters and local offices celebrating the win. Banners help keep the news on the top of everyone’s mind, even when the excitement begins to die down. Some companies provide markers and ask employees to write why they think the company is a great place to work on the banners. Or try big mylar balloons--they're the hot trend in celebrations for 2019!

  9. Provide giveaways. Everyone loves swag, especially when it celebrates a huge accomplishment. Develop custom swag items so employees can boast about their workplace to friends and family. Mugs, pins, stickers and notebooks are popular.  You can also get creative -- Cadence hands out foam fingers. Other companies choose to give each employee a copy of the book, Great Place to Work for All, which delves into the qualities that great workplaces share

  10. Create “Fortune” cookies.  Commemorate earning your spot on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list with branded fortune cookies. One company we work with sent out 14,000 cookies to ensure partners, customers, contractors and press knew they had been named to the list.

  11. Launch an outdoor ad campaign. Earning Certification or a Best Workplace designation is a brag-worthy achievement. Ensure your office neighbors know they're in the presence of greatness with a billboard announcement or other signage near your major locations.

  12. Give the gift of time. A great way to say thank you is to offer employees some extra time to pause, relax, and take in what they’ve accomplished. Either give your employees an extra day of PTO or an extra day off to volunteer with teammates. Some companies close early on the day of the announcement and encourage employees to celebrate with family and colleagues.

  13. Go casual for a week. If your employees typically dress professionally at the office, give them a break from formal attire for a week. Sometimes it's the little things that are most appreciated.

  14. Take the time to make employees feel great. Imagine if on one day, all employee started the day with an email from their manager telling them how they add to a great workplace. A small note of appreciation goes a long way towards making people feel great.

  15. Share comments in public spaces. Create a comments film loop and share some of the great feedback that was shared on surveys.

  16. Build pride and your employer brand. You can also develop a #GPTWCertified campaign, where you ask employees to submit photos or record video messages about the great experiences they have every day. These posts are great for instilling pride in employees and driving interest in the company. Be sure to include your best videos on your Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and company jobs page.

  17. Update business cards and email signatures. Ensure your partners and customers know about your win but adding the Certification or List-winner logo to your employee's business cards and email signatures.

  18. Create walking billboards. Add the Certification or List-winner logo to t-shirts for your employees. Every time they wear them they will be sharing the news that your company is a Great Place to Work.

  19. Share stories throughout the year. Invite a different employee to open up all hands-meetings with a short speech about why the company is a great place to work for them personally. Hearing from employees from across the company will reiterate the message that your goal is, and always will be, to create and maintain a great workplace for all.

  20. Send your culture leaders to Summit. Got amazing culture leaders (formal or informal) in your organization? Thank them and keep them supported and engaged by sending them to our Summit!  They can learn from amazing business leaders, meet other passionate leaders, and bring back the freshest ideas to take your workplace to the next level.  

  21. Rally for next year. While everyone is celebrating this year's win, let employees know that there is always room for improvement and you're committed to continuing the success by following up with an action plan soon. Greatness never rests.

There are so many ways to celebrate the unique and amazing culture you've created.  These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. We can't wait to see the creative ways you celebrate your wins!

Melanie Price