Casting Call: The Manager’s Part in a Great Workplace

Casting Call: The Manager’s Part in a Great Workplace

Most of us are managers. Perhaps not "on the job" but certainly in our homes, for our families, with the clubs we belong to and in our communities. All of us are subjects of management in our lives too.

Reflect for just a second on what it feels like to be managed. What's the first feeling that comes over you?

Inspired? Invigorated? At great workplaces we feel inspired, invigorated and supported by our managers.

We trust them. They are credible. They respect us.

Our great managers are optimistic and have an uncanny strategic acumen. They seem to carry within themselves an understanding of our mind-set and the mission of our organization. They empower us to do our part toward that mission.

What makes our great managers great? In some cases its innate talent. More commonly, what makes a great manager go above and beyond, day after day, is that their manager, a leader who is setting the organization's direction and vision, is also a great manager, providing what they need to help them to what they do best every day.

Calling all Leaders of organizations aspiring to be great! Teach your managers well. Be credible. Hold them and their role in high esteem. Hold them accountable. Be a great manager yourself!

At Great Place To Work® Institute we have learned that any company can be a great workplace. At great workplaces, leaders articulate the vision and values, and commit to being a great workplace. Managers live the values of the organization, sustain what is working and drive positive change where needed.