Communication's role in building credibility

Communication's role in building credibility

When I’m first introduced to a company, one of the things that I look at is how they communicate, and does it line up with what others (both internally and externally) say about them? Why? In addition to watching how they conduct their business, I want to know that they are in-touch and credible: internally with employees and externally in their field. This always starts with communication.

The same goes for credibility within the workplace, one of the components of the model we’ve been using for 25 years. When leaders in an organization understand the importance of effective trust-building communication and act accordingly, employees respond positively and see Management as credible.

Best Companies have regular practices that support frequent and effective company-wide communication. Companies on this year’s 2011 Best Small and Medium Workplaces presented by Entrepreneur, have Managers that actively communicate, and regularly go above and beyond. At a Best Company, it is not atypical to see that employees have access to the organization’s highest leaders. The investment leaders at Best Companies make in building and supporting an open dialogue with employees support their high credibility and this is showcased in employee feedback.

Communication is one piece of creating a great workplace, but when respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie are bolstered by strong communication, you build great work enviornments, like those we’ll see on this year’s Great Place To Work® Ranking: 2011 Best Small and Medium Workplaces presented by Entrepreneur. 

How do you define credibility in your workplace or with companies you work with?