Creating Yours: Show Employees Some Love

Creating Yours: Show Employees Some Love

It’s February 14th and if that date doesn’t ring a bell, you must live under a rock. It’s Valentine’s day! Time for saccharine sentiments and sugar highs as you celebrate the presence of love or mourn the absence of romance! Sure, its detractors may call it a “fabricated” holiday, but so is Mother’s Day for that matter,

though I’ve yet to encounter a mom who’s said, “Aw, you don’t have to do anything special for me, it’s just a made-up holiday!”

Whether you “believe” in Valentine’s Day or not, it’s the perfect occasion to show some appreciation to someone special and your employees would probably be delighted and surprised if you took the time to show them some love this Valentine’s day!

Here are 10 Ways you can Show your Employees some love this Valentine’s Day!
  1. Have senior leaders man the front doors to give out a treat, a handshake, and a heartfelt “thank you” as your employees arrive for work in the morning.
  2. Place posters around your workplace telling your customers that you love your employees and asking customers to give an extra smile and thank you to the people who are serving them.
  3. Create fliers and signs to post throughout your offices letting employees know how much they are appreciated.
  4. Leave a sweet treat, a single rose, or a little note at each employee workstation.
  5. Have your CEO author a special Valentine’s Day card to be printed and shared with all employees, or, have your CEO send an e-card!
  6. Send Goodie Boxes to your remote locations and outlets so employees in the field can have all the tools they need to celebrate Valentine’s day.
  7. Dress your senior leaders up as cupid and have them go around the workplace offering treats to your employees. (I accept no responsibility for this idea. I’ve actually read of a company that does this!)
  8. Give a blank Valentine’s Day card to each of your employees and ask them to gift the card to a colleague whom they’d like to thank.
  9. Make your company homepage a tribute to your employees for the day.
  10. Run an ad in your local newspaper, telling members of your community how much you appreciate all that your employees do for you.

Does your company use Valentine’s Day as a time to show appreciation?