A Company That Goes to Extremes

 A Company That Goes to Extremes

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If you have ever stayed at one of the 112 Four Seasons Hotels, you likely won't be surprised to learn that the company has been on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list for two decades. As Christian Clerc, President Worldwide Operations of Four Seasons Hotels explains in this Better Podcast, you can't do that without a people-first culture.

In his inspiring chat with Great Place To Work's Christopher Tkaczyk, Christian shares why the leadership pyramid is flipped at Four Seasons, how he celebrates employees and makes them feel valued, and why he hires for attitude and trains for skill.

You'll also learn why employees are rewarded for sharing the things that go poorly as much as they are rewarded for the things that go well. Be sure to listen to the end to hear Christian name his favorite Four Seasons Hotel. 

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Katie Van Geffen