How DHL Became the World's 6th Best Workplace

 How DHL Became the World's 6th Best Workplace

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How does the global leader in logistics, with almost 100,000 employees in 220 countries and territories, keep a personalized attention to its people? How does it become the 6th best workplace in the world?

Better podcast host, Christopher Tkaczyk sat down with John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express and Regine Buettner, EVP HR EU & Global. Recorded at the 2019 Great Place To Work For All Summit in San Francisco, the duo discussed why it's so important to recognize and reward local community involvement.

You'll learn why knowing your people is critical for management success. And the important role that supervisors play at DHL.

This inspiring conversation will make you appreciate all the people who play a role in ensuring that you get your yellow and red package on time.

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