Workrite Ergonomic: Walking the Talk With a Healthy Workplace

Workrite Ergonomic: Walking the Talk With a Healthy Workplace

Offices look to Workrite Ergonomic for adjustable-height desks, monitor supports and similar systems to prevent injury and discomfort on the job. So when it comes to the company's own employees, Workrite knows well the importance of maintaining a healthy work environment.

Beyond high-tech office furniture, Workrite also offers its team members free snacks, a pingpong table, bonus incentives, private spaces for nursing mothers and comprehensive health coverage that includes alternative medicine. Employees, in turn, become some of the biggest fans of Workrite's products, which they use every day and even take home when lines are discontinued. As such, 89 percent of team members surveyed by Great Rated! say they're proud to tell others where they work.

"Being a company that provides products that help people is fantastic," says one employee. "It gives me a great deal of pride in my daily work and in the place I work."

Workrite believes strongly in the value of creating a great workplace, both for its clients and for its own staff. Its Great Rated! review represents one way the company communicates to the market the sincerity of that commitment while inspiring other organizations with its example. On its careers page, Workrite directs job seekers to a link to the company's Great Rated! page so they can learn more about the atmosphere and what employees have to say about working there. The company also keeps its communication with potential job candidates fresh by displaying its live Facebook and Twitter updates directly on the review page.

Workrite ErgonomicsWorkrite has no shortage of fun photos to share on these channels, as 92 percent of employees agree the organization knows how to celebrate special events. These vary from informal potlucks and sports polls to the company's annual summer barbecue and holiday luncheon. Taken together, these gatherings reinforce a commitment to employee well-being that dovetails with Workrite's brand and help its team perform well together.

"The company has gotten very good at treating the staff well, and I believe everyone feels appreciated," says another employee. "The town hall meetings, company picnic, awards, birthday cakes and product giveaways make everyone feel as though management cares."


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