Discover what drives innovation in the workplace and how leaders and organizations can increase innovation and agility.
We studied the work experience of thousands of employees across 800 companies to understand what drives (and blocks) innovation in the workplace.

Access your 4-part Great Place To Work® Innovation Insights report today

  1. Innovation By All – learn why diversity and inclusion are the engines of innovation, and how to calculate your company’s Innovation Velocity Ratio.
  2. The 5 Hidden Barriers of Innovation – uncover the five obstacles that escape leaders’ awareness – and how to detect and overcome them.
  3. Innovation Everywhere – get an analysis of innovation leaders at nine companies across healthcare, technology and hospitality – three industries dealing with daily disruption.
  4. How to Create An Innovation by All Culture – understand the six key innovative work practices that transform employees into teams of innovation superheroes.

Download your 4-part Great Place To Work® Innovation Insights series to:

  • Discover the “Innovation By All” model—giving you a data-driven approach to improved invention and agility.
  • Assess your innovation capabilities and discover hidden barriers.
  • Gain actionable insights to level up your organization’s innovation and agility.
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