Creating Opportunities for Success

Creating Opportunities for Success

Constructing a Sustainable Future: How a Philosophy of Creating Opportunities Contributes to Success at Holder Construction

When it comes to building, Holder Construction ensures that their projects are built to last. Hosting a group of Immersion Experience participants at the 2012 Great Place to Work® Conference, leaders at Holder demonstrated how Holder “creates opportunity” and enduring success.

The most recent recession has not been kind to the construction industry. With the highest unemployment rate in any job sector, and construction spending the lowest it has been since 1999, circumstances for those in the construction services industry were bleak. However, at Atlanta-headquartered Holder Construction, the situation was anything but dismal. A long-time Best Company to Work For on our Small & Medium List, roughly 600 person Holder Construction managed to unearth opportunities even while confronting the challenges presented by the recession.

Great Place to Work® sat down with several of Holder’s senior leaders, including the Chairman & CEO, Tommy Holder and Holder associates to understand how their culture sets them apart from competitors.

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