10 Creative Employee Spotlight Examples

 Employee spotlight examples is depicted with a group photo of coworkers celebrating Certification Nation Day!
Employee spotlight examples showcase how companies use social media to tell employee stories.

Certification Employer Brand Recruiting

Here are 10 award-winning workplace employee spotlight examples on social media that any company can draw inspiration from.

When it comes to recruiting top talent, there’s no better tool than word of mouth – especially when those words come straight from the mouths of employees themselves.

That’s why Great Place To Work Certification™ is so powerful. When companies carry the Certified™ label, it means that current employees verify it’s truly a great place to work. Certification is a stamp of approval for job seekers, indicating a workplace where they can grow, thrive, and bring their whole selves.

Certification Nation Day benefits

While it’s never a bad time to promote your employer brand, there's one day that we've dedicated to doing just that: Certification Nation Day Across the country, Certified workplaces came together online to share stories of their company culture under the hashtag #GPTWcertified.

From simple posts to elaborate videos and parties, Certified companies across the globe use Certification Nation Day not just to show the world they are a great place to work, but they're also leveraging their brand, and attracting top talent - all for free.

Top 10 employee spotlight examples

From heartfelt videos of employees’ personal stories to playful office parties, here are some of the most creative employee spotlight examples we saw during our 2022 Certification Nation Day celebration.


Workplace celebrations don’t have to just be in-office affairs. The team at recruiting firm Engtal turned Certification Nation Day into a day of real partying – outdoors on a patio, in a park, and even on a boat! Showing employees being themselves outside of the office, while also having fun together, is a great way to demonstrate a company’s culture and camaraderie.

Legacy Construction

Fresno-based Legacy Construction recognized its Certification Nation Day with a huge lunch party for the team. Getting everyone together for a celebratory meal is a simple but effective way to show employee appreciation – and sharing it via a playful social media video is an effective way to publicly show off your employer brand.

Summit CPA Group

Accounting firm Summit CPA Group knows the best way to promote your employer brand is by passing the mic to your employees. On Certification Nation Day, they did just that, with videos like this one, of employees sharing their personal stories of why Summit is a great place to work.


It’s one thing to promote that you’re Certified, but another to show the numbers behind it. Chicago-based IT company Thoughtworks used a few simple graphics (along with photos of employees) to create a video with a clear, attention-grabbing message: 90% of its workforce in 12 countries around the world said it’s a great place to work.


Videos don’t need a lot of tech-savvy to have an impact. Business advisory firm Embark used a simple boomerang on Instagram to show off its company culture (complete with office dog!). More importantly, they smartly turned it into a recruiting opportunity, calling out their careers page in the caption.

PeopleTec, Inc.

For its Certification Nation Day celebrations, tech services company PeopleTec threw an office party with color-themed balloons, cupcakes, punch, and photo props. They shared photos of the day on Instagram, along with a thoughtful caption, that shows both current employees and potential hires how much they care about company culture.

Youth Villages

Non-profit Youth Villages showed off its TikTok chops on Certification Nation Day, with a fun video made up of employee photos from locations across the country. It’s another great example of how videos don’t need to be complicated to have an impact – in fact, something that’s more grassroots and authentic can actually be even more powerful.

Radio Flyer Inc.

The best way to promote your employer brand is to rely on your employees themselves. Radio Flyer, which makes wagons, tricycles, scooters, and other ride-on products, interviewed several employees about what working there means to them. The resulting video is a great example of how your own staff can be your best recruiters.

Tax Relief Advocates

You can’t have a party without a photo booth to prove it! Irvine-based Tax Relief Advocates made sure they had souvenirs of their Certification Nation Day celebrations, complete with a step-and-repeat banner and photo booth props. Their collection of party photos on Instagram show they’re a workplace that isn’t afraid to have fun.

Total Quality Logistics

Freight brokerage firm Total Quality Logistics (TQL) shined a spotlight on its employees for Certification Nation Day. Their playful Instagram video – which even starred a cardboard cutout of Betty White! – was the perfect way to put real faces to their company culture. Even their Instagram account name – @lifeattql – shows it’s a company that’s willing to be real.

Get your employer brand recognized

These Certification Nation Day celebrations prove that you don’t need a big marketing budget or fancy creative team to get the word out about your employer brand. When it comes to recruiting, authenticity is best — so don’t be afraid to put your employees in the spotlight.

One way to do this is by going after Great Place To Work Certification. In fact, it’s such a powerful recruiting tool that “90% of our new hires said that Certification was the key deciding factor in selecting IDOC,” says Nella Gonzalez, human resources manager at IDOC (another Great Place To Work-Certified company).

If you want candidates to choose your company against a sea of competing employers, then it’s time to get Great Place To Work-Certified.

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