'Better' Podcast: Why Hilton Is the Best Company to Work For in America

 'Better' Podcast: Why Hilton Is the Best Company to Work For in America

Diversity & Inclusion

Could 2019 get any better for Hilton and it's more than 400,000 employees? First, they ranked #1 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list, getting the honor just months after learning that they were also #1 on the Best Workplaces for Diversity list. Then the company celebrated its 100th birthday. And, if that wasn't enough, it was also named as hospitality's most valuable brand, according to Brand Finance.

Matthew Schuyler, the Chief Human Resources Officer, attended the Great Place To Work For All Summit at the beginning of the year and, in addition to sharing his story with attendees, spent time speaking with GPTW's Chief Content Officer, Chris Tkaczyk, about what makes the company so special.

In a podcast just published, Matthew shares experiences from his decade at Hilton and how the company, despite its huge size and very distributed workforce, maintains its culture. He says, "We're a business of people serving people, and for the longest time, the first element of our strategy has been our culture. We want to make sure we have the very best culture to be able to attract, motivate and retain a great workforce, so that we can be the best at serving our guests. [It's a] business of people serving people. This vision really started 100 years ago and it has carried forward to this day."  

This podcast is part history lesson, part business course, but mostly culture crack. Listen now and learn what popular food and beverage items were invented by Hilton and why ex-sanitation engineers make the best CEOs.


Katie Van Geffen