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 Our top culture advice from 2022

What a year of workplace paradoxes.

“Quiet Quitters” rejected hustle culture while (alarmingly) employee productivity tracking software was trending. A lasting tidal wave of quitting, kicked off by “The Great Resignation” of 2021, crashed into a tsunami of tech layoffs. It’s enough to leave anyone dazed and confused.

But, working with Certified™ great workplaces, I know there are bright spots. Companies that prioritize the employee experience, from nipping microaggressions in the bud to supporting LGBTQ+ colleagues. Remote/hybrid work models that broaden and diversify the talent pool. Examples of amazing company cultures are all around us – you just need to know where to look.

Every year we recap the most-clicked blogs on to reveal how leading employers shape a welcoming company culture. Here are the ideas that most interested readers like you in 2022…


Purpose at Work Predicts If Employees Will Stay or Quit Their Jobs

Pride, fun, and especially meaning – employees who experience this magic trio on the job will stay longer in their roles. From interns to C-level execs, a sense of purpose drives loyalty and engagement. Committed employees feel their work matters.


The Top 5 Things Millennials Want in the Workplace in 2022

Purpose excites workers at any age, but above all millennials, who are three times more likely to stay put when their roles feel intentional and special. Align yourself with these five priorities to retain today’s largest generation at work.


9 Employee Well-being Programs From the 100 Best Companies to Work For

Take it from companies that know – it’s okay to not be okay. Employees have a lot going on outside of business hours, and the leaders who recognize this share how to holistically support their workforce.


Why Employee Experience at 100 Best Companies is as Strong as Ever

Best companies are a lot like best friends – they listen, they care, they make us feel included. These four practices will unite and strengthen your team bond.


5 Genius Ways to Share Employee Stories on Social Media

Put your people front and center. Storytelling on social media is a great way to highlight company culture and engage prospective employees. Steal these quick tips to boost a sense of belonging among employees and strengthen your employer brand.


How to Create an Inclusive Hybrid Workplace

Build a remote work model and diversity will follow. This practical guide shows how to support employees so they can work anywhere, anytime. More flexibility equals greater inclusion.


Belonging in the Workplace

Does each employee at your company feel valued for their uniqueness? Read how a true sense of belonging at work can lower turnover while improving employee well-being and business performance.


5 Ways to Support LGBTQ+ Employees in the Workplace

Research shows LGBTQ+ employees feel less psychologically safe at work than their straight peers. “Say gay” and send a powerful signal that LGBTQ+ employees matter with this thoughtful primer on workplace support.


Microaggressions in the Workplace

A paper cut is tiny, but it stings. So do microaggressions, the brief insults and indignities that BIPOC face daily. This exhaustive explainer details why they are so toxic and how to respond.

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